Denim shirts buttoned and unbuttoned

denim shirts buttoned and unbuttoned

Ways to wear your denim shirts (buttoned or unbuttoned)

A denim shirt is one key piece on a woman’s closet; its versatility makes it the perfect choice for many different casual or formal occasions. And we see more often celebrities and fashion lovers wearing denim shirts on their outfits, so we will show you different ways to combine them.

“There are many different styles for denim shirts available in long and short sleeves that can be worn in different season of the years. It is important to have a denim shirt in the closet as combines well with any pants and can change an outfit”, advised Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, about this topic.

Here are some examples that will show you how to combine a buttoned or unbuttoned denim shirt:

  1. A basic way to combine your denim shirt is with black leggings, if you want to wear your shirt unbuttoned, wear a black shirt and complement your outlook with ankle boots for a rocker style. You can also complement your outfit with animal printing footwear.
  2. For a casual but yet very feminine style, combine your denim shirt with color jeans. If you prefer to unbutton part of your shirt, wear a white shirt below.
  3. You should always try to combine your denim shirt with skirts, remember to tuck them inside and finish your outfit with a nice belt. The leather skirts are the perfect companion for a denim shirt.
  4. You can also wear your denim shirt at the office; combine it with leatherette pants and a black blazer for a pretty sophisticated look. Do not forget your matching heels and handbag.
  5. If you love to wear your denim shirt unbuttoned, wear it above of a little black dress, you will look spectacular.

“A denim shirt is also great for a double denim style, that many people is trying on, you cannot be wrong when combining your denim garments in your look as this fabric is completely versatile”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.


Wearing and combining a vest for men

Wearing and combining a vest for men

How should men wear and combine a denim vest?

If you love denim but you are looking for new ways to add it to your wardrobe that do not include a pair of jeans, this article is for you as we will show you an interesting option for men’s outfits: a denim vest and its different ways to combine it.

“A denim vest is perfect to wear all year long, and can change your whole outfit, it is comfortable and combines with everything, plus it offers all the advantages that any other garment manufactured with denim do”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, about this topic.

There are denim vests for men available in many different styles, depending on your looks; you will have to search for the one that will fit with the rest of your clothes. Vests are commonly worn unbuttoned; however, you will have to choose the right size, when you try it on, button it up, just to make sure it fits you well and remember not to buy one of a bigger size, or it will lose its original shape.

Men usually wear monochromatic colors, but still, you will need to find a tone of vest that will match with the clothes you have in your wardrobe. If you are looking for a boho style, choose a light color, but if you are trying for a more sober outfit, then choose a dark color for your vest.

If you want to wear your denim vest at the office, remember to always review the dress code, if you are allowed to wear denim at your work, then a denim vest is a great option. It will stylish any outfit.

Denim vests simply go great with everything. For a double denim look, wear your denim vest with your favorite jeans or wear it with a shirt and a coat for layering, one of the greatest trends for this season.

“A denim vest matches with everything, it is a great complement for any outfit, it is an excellent option for men who like to wear vests an want a versatile and resistant fabric”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.


Combine your loafers this fall

Combine your loafers this fall

How to combine your loafers this fall?

Footwear also plays an important part on the fashion styles, and loafers are essential for fall. So if you love to wear these types of shoes, keep on reading this article as we will tell you how to wear them to complement your autumnal outfits.

“Footwear is also a part of the complete outfit, as it can turn a casual look into one for an office, so it is important to take care of the details when putting an outfit together”, advised Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, about this topic.

If you have a pair of loafers or you are thinking about buying them for this fall, check out these interesting combinations where you can wear them:

  • They are the jeans’ best friends – This fall, there is a powerful combination that can change your outfits completely: a pair of jeans and loafers, as you can make a perfect balance between a casual look and a more sophisticated one. Wear animal print loafers with dark skinny jeans. You can combine your pink loafers with cuffed jeans or if you want a casual look, combine your black loafers with a double denim outfit by wearing your jeans with a white tee and a denim jacket.
  • For the office – Loafers are very comfortable, so if you love to wear them at the office, you can do it; just combine them in the right way. Try with leggings and a grey shirt completing your outfit with patent leather loafers. Wine loafers are perfect to make a contrast in your outfit, wear them with your dress pants and a blue sweater.
  • For a day out – You can wear your loafers to go on shopping, for a date or when you go out with your friends to the movies. Loafers will give you a casual look but with a sophisticated touch.

“Jeans are essential for any closet for being very easy to combine, not only with other textiles and colors, but also with  many different types of footwear”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.


Ways to combine your jeans in winter

Ways to combine your jeans this winter

Best ways to combine your jeans this winter

Jeans are essential for a women’s wardrobe for their versatility, making them easy to combine with any other textiles and colors during all year long, this time we will show you how to get great looks with a pair of jeans this winter.

“You can make plenty of different outfits when combining your jeans with different tops and shoes, that is what makes jeans so popular, they offer you more possibilities for various looks than any other type of pants”, advised Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, about this topic.

If you want to wear jeans in winter, here are some suggestions to make great combinations with them:

  • Boyfriend jeans – They go amazing with black ankle boots and sweaters for a casual look, but you can also combine them with a jacket and loafers and look very chic with them.
  • Skinny jeans – These jeans do not loose popularity over the seasons, and you will see them in winter too. Cuff your skinny jeans and combine them with black shoes and a leather jacket to look extra sexy.
  • Distressed jeans – These types of jeans were a hit during the summer and will continue being a trend this winter, so if you have a pair, you can still wear them. These jeans look great with a denim jacket or a blazer. Try with black or grey jeans to go out from the normal blue denim style.
  • olored jeans – Denim in color will also be a part of the fashion styles this winter with brown, purple, black, red or green versions, combine them with your favorite coats and sweaters.

“You can wear your jeans all year long and have them with you for years if you give them the right treatment, there is no doubt why this garment is part of our wardrobe and more persons become denim lovers each day”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.


Outfits for the week, for women

Outfits for the week, for women

5 outfits for the week for women

Dealing with the daily riddle of knowing “what to wear” can be a real nightmare, so to make this task easier we will dedicate this article to propose 5 different outfits that you can try in a week.

“There is nothing as versatile as a pair of jeans, as this garment is very easy to combine, which saves plenty of time to make different outfits as you only need to change the top and shoes to achieve different looks”, advised Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

In order to save you time deciding what to wear, check out these 2 different outfits you can try during the week:

  • Monday with layering – Layering is a fashion style that adds sophistication to any look. If you wear a pair of jeans with a gorgeous blouse and you add a layer, your look will immediately become more interesting.
  • Tuesday with ankle boots – Ankle boots stylize your shape and will make your look more interesting. Try them on this fall and winter.
  • Wednesday with a cozy sweater – And by cozy we do not mean extra casual, there are plenty of different cozy sweaters that will make you look very fashionable and you will feel comfortable with them at the middle of your week.
  • Friday of suits – Women’s suits are a trend that is coming back this 2016, use them with your favorite heels.
  • Friday with a giant scarf – One great trend on accessories is a big scarf, the bigger it is, the coolest you will look, so choose the color you need depending on the look you are trying to get, whether it is a casual or a formal one.

Now that you know these different outfits, try them on and play with other styles for the weekend.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal also advised: “We reflect part of who we are on the clothes we were, that is why it is important to choose the outfits that will transmit what we are trying to say to the others”.


Perfect jeans for your body type

Perfect jeans for your body type

How to find the perfect jeans for your body type?

Jeans are essential for any wardrobe, they are comfortable, easy to combine and resistant, but with all different fits it might be complicated to find the perfect pair according to your body type, so today we will make this task easier for you showing you what are the best options.

“There are many different body types and for that, there are many different types of jeans available, so everyone can find the perfect pair that fits well on them and go great with their own style”, advised Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, about this topic.

Here are some suggestions as to which jeans to choose for different body types:

  • Thick thighs – If you have trouble finding jeans that can fit you perfectly, a good option is to get a pair of jeggings, which are similar to the leggings but thicker, they will adjust perfectly to your shape and will look as good as a pair of jeans.
  • Wide hips – If you have a small waist but your hips are wider you can stylish your body type with high rise jeans, those will make a visual effect to reduce the size of your jeans while it will accentuate your waist.
  • For tall girls – Tall girls have trouble from time to time to find jeans that are long enough for them, so if you find the perfect jeans but they are a little bit shorter do not worry, as you can fix it by using them with booties.
  • Curvy body – If you have curves, show them. Jeans with stretch are great as they will slide freely embracing your curves, and you will be able to move with freedom as they are quite comfortable.

“One of the many advantages that offer a pair of jeans is that you can be sure you can find the perfect ones when you take your time to try a few until you find the perfect size, fit and color in one garment”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.


Correct ways to wear your jeans

Correct ways to wear your jeans

Correct ways to wear your jeans in the office

Since jeans appeared 140 years ago, they have turned into a basic garment for any closet, a timeless piece that most of us love for being so comfortable, easy to take care of and combine and versatile, but this time we will specifically talk about the correct ways to use this amazing garment when going to the office so you can feel comfortable and look impeccable.

“Jeans can be worn at the office any day of the week and not only on casual Fridays, but it is necessary to combine them correctly, as there is a significant difference between a casual look and a formal outfit”, advised Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, about this topic.

If you intend to wear your jeans in the office, consider the following:

  • The color matters – Dark denim gives a professional touch to your outfits, so choose those ones, a pair of black jeans with a grey blazer look quite nice.
  • Find the right fit – There are many different fits available for all types of bodies, so when you buy your jeans, ask the seller for the best type for you, and avoid the tight ones for the office.
  • Choose the right accessories – This will make quite a difference on your outfit, and as denim is a very easygoing fabric, it combines with everything, an attractive purse and a nice necklace will give the personality to your look.
  • Wear the right jeans – There are jeans for every occasion, and if your intention is to dress with jeans in the office, you must wear the most classic ones and leave in the closet the distressed or embellished jeans for the weekend.

“Jeans make it easier to assemble and outfit quickly, especially on these days when everyone is in a rush, they make this task simpler for going well with everything”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.


Denim on denim outfits

denim on denim outfits

Stylize your look with denim on denim outfits

A great option for denim lovers is denim on denim style, it is perfect for casual days, but you can actually wear this style all year long. If you love denim and you are looking for new ideas to make different outfits with it, keep on reading this article.

“Many people is always seeking for new garments manufactured with denim and new ideas to make different combinations, that is why we see double and triple denim styles in the streets with amazing combinations that show their own style”, advised Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

Here are some advices for you who want to stylize your looks with denim on denim outfit:

  • Use the colors on your favor – Remember that denim is highly combinable so play that on your favor. If you want to hide a part of your hips wear black jeans with a blue denim vest, but if you want to draw the attention to your bottom part mix your blue denim jeans with a black shirt.
  • If you want to stylize your look, choose two garments made of denim of the same shade or very similar. A monochromatic style looks amazing.
  • Mix different weights of denim – This will help you giving different dimensions to your look and making it more interesting.
  • Mix different styles – If you mix different styles on your denim garments you will create an effortless look, so have fun mixing a plain denim vest with distressed jeans or vice versa.
  • Accessories – As with every outfit, accessories are important, and denim goes great with everything but remember that if you want to make denim on denim style, you must avoid denim accessories or footwear.

“Denim is a very practical fabric, so it is used to manufacture plenty of different garments and denim lovers use their imagination to create an endless number of outfits with them”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.


When men wonder “what to wear”

When men wonder "what to wear"

Men also wonder “what to wear today”

Have you ever heard of a woman standing in front of a closet full of clothes and saying “I have nothing to wear”? Well, you would be amazed to know that men also go through this same question from time to time wondering what to wear for an event, a date or to go to the office, so as we have shared many styles for women, I think it is fair enough to give this article to men, we will show you how to prepare some cool outfits without too much effort.

“The most important thing about being stylish is to wear your clothes with confidence, nothing will make you look better than self-confidence”, advised Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

Here are some basic advices for men who sometimes cannot decide what to wear:

  • Black and white t-shirts – If you do not have them in your wardrobe, get them. Navy t-shirts will also help, they combine with everything and you will solve the puzzle when you want to put an outfit together really quickly.
  • Black shoes – It does not matter if there are dress shoes or sneakers, you must have black footwear in your wardrobe, and this will save you most of the times when you do not know which shoes to wear with your outfits.
  • Denim – If you do not want to deal with the “what to wear” dilemma, make sure you have denim in your closet, there are different garments manufactured with this fabric, such as shorts, jeans, shirts and even shoes. They are the perfect company for every outfit and combine with almost everything.
  • Accessories – They will not only complement your outfit, they will transform it. So always have enough accessories in your closet, a pair of sunglasses, hats and scarves that will stylize your look.

“Jeans are basic on a men’s wardrobe as they can be combined easily, and will make you create the look you need, depending on where you are going to by mixing them with the right tops and shoes”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.


Importance of denim

Importance of denim

Importance of denim in history

Nowadays, it is difficult to find a person who has not enjoyed wearing a garment made of denim, such as a jacket or a pair of jeans; however, back on the 19 Century, this fabric was mainly used for work wear. This fabric has been taking more importance through history since it was first invented.

“Denim came to change the way of manufacturing clothes, it has been present for decades and each new year it reinvents itself thanks to the new garments with different styles developed by designers who love to play with this fascinating fabric”, declared Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim about this topic.

During 1830 and 1840, there was a boom with the work wear manufactured on this material, which was commonly used on clothes for men; however, during the 19 Century it was common to use it for women wear as well.

At the beginning of the 20th Century, denim was used in different types of clothes, from prison costumes to naval uniforms.

The jumpsuit saw the day of light during World War II, when many women had to be left and home and start taking the jobs that men used to do, for that, there was a need to create a garment that would be easy to manufacture and would offer them the comfort to move free and work easily with.

Denim has been seen during different stages, each time used to represent different types of fashion, such as the pop, hippie and rocker.

Designers started to take a look at this fabric and started popularizing it more on the fashion world bringing new and daring designs that everyone started to love, now on the 21th Century we see different ways to express fashion with denim each new season over the runways.

Denim began being used as a fabric for work wear, but it has evolved so much that many of us cannot imagine life without it.

“Nowadays, denim is one of the most popular textiles around the world, with people joining to the denim fever, it is more common each day to see a garment made of this versatile fabric occupying a space in a wardrobe”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal about this topic.