Fabrics made of good quality

fabrics made of good quality

Importance of having fabrics made of good quality

Quality is the base for all enterprises in charge of manufacturing textile production and it will depend of a great effort to get it, such as prevention and a constant control on all of the areas of an enterprise.

“We demand our vendors to provide fabrics of the best quality, as that will help us delivering the best manufactured garments to our customers”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

In order to manufacture textiles of good quality, the companies need to make a careful selection of the best vendors of fibers and threads; they must guarantee deliveries of first quality materials.

The continuous and preventive maintenance to the machineries used to produce fabric is essential, as well as a quality control of raw materials.

All fabrics to be dyed have to meet the standards required by each customer, and in order to achieve this, they have to make solidity, shrinkage, weight among many other tests to each one of the fabrics produced, and process them for production after getting results for each test.

A fabric of good quality will mean an important saving of material, as it will allow the garment’s manufacturers to get exact cuts and avoid excessive waist.

Only those garments done with fabrics made of an excellent quality will lost longer and feel softer at the touch, manufacturers are aware of this and are constantly looking for vendors who are truly compromised with delivering a good product.

Grupo Denim has quality inspectors on each area, they are in charge to see closely each manufacturing process, inspect them and make sure they are meeting the right specifications on each step. Once the garments are finished, they are revalued once again with internal and external audits, to assure we are sending them in an excellent condition, with the best quality”, guaranteed Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

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